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ImTOO DivX to DVD Converter FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: After I load my video files into ImTOO DivX to DVD Converter, I can only get to know their title, resolution. Is it possible that I can get more information items of them?

Q2: I just load totally 3GB files into ImTOO DivX to DVD Converter and I know the capability of a DVD disk should be 4.7GB. But why I was told that the burning can not be finished because there is not enough free space on the DVD disk?

Q3: I load many file items into the program. Is it possible to adjust the sequence of them? The sequence of them will affect the sequence of titles after burning.

Q4: What kind of DVD disk does your program support, DVD+R or DVD-R? How about RAM disk or double-layer disk?

Q5: Can I get an ISO file with your program so that I can use it in my virtual drive? And how?

Q6: What is "Temp Folder"? I found this option in the "Settings-Preference". When I try to adjust it to another folder, I get following message: "You have selected a directory that is not empty. The contents in the directory will be deleted when creating DVD. Make sure that you want to select the folder anyway". What does it mean? Will anything be kept in this directory after burning?

Q7: When I click the red button on the main interface to burn a DVD, I got following message that "There is not enough space in the disc. Please select another temp directory use "Preference" in the "settings" menu". Why? And how can I correct it?

Q8: what does "DVD Folder" mean?

Q9: After I finish the burning, I can watch the DVD movie on my PC by certain player, such as Power DVD, Win DVD, etc. But I can not play it on my DVD Player. Why?

Q10: My original video is in 16:9. But after burning, I got 4:3. How can I correct it?

Q11: I am not satisfied with the final burning quality. Is it possible for me to improve it?

Q12: I like the DVDs I burned with your program to have the volume names I want. Is it possible to edit the final disc volume instead of what has been offered?

Q13: Sometimes when I burn a DVD, in the middle of the process, the program shows "Failed to open DVD Drive" and then the burning is stopped. How can I correct it?

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