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Affiliate Program

Join our RegNow affiliate program; earn 30% commission from now!
Vendor info: ImTOO Software Studio
Vendor ID:9641

Join our affiliate Program

We sincerely invite you to become our affiliate. You help us promote our products, and we will provide you as much as 30% of our products' prices for each sale you realize.

As long as you have a website relevant to our products - no matter how much traffic it has, you can contact us!

Once you become our affiliate, you will get a unique ID. You will be paid according to the sales recorded by referral ID and get a report monthly via RegNow.

How to be an affiliate?

If you have not joined RegNow affiliate system, please feel free to Sign up . Complete an online sign-up form; you will receive affiliate ID via email. Joining is free and getting started is simple, and RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution.

All new affiliates are automatically approved; all you need is to copy and paste the purchase link to your site to start selling and making money.


  1. If you are using other affiliate system and want to affiliate our products, you are welcome to contact us at for further cooperation.
  2. Please pay attention to our Newsletters or this page for special offers. We will put up some incentive activities periodically, for example, we will offer coupons, high commission and discount products, which will bring you considerable traffic and sales if you promote these products on your websites.
  3. Products listed below sell quite well on the RegNow by all of our affiliates. So it might be a good idea for you to select all or some of them to promote on your websites.

Promotion offer news from ImTOO

New Releases Recommended

Products Price Product ID Your commission
ImTOO iPhone Transfer $ 19.95 9641-105 40%
ImTOO iPad to PC Transfer $ 30.95 9641-190 50%
ImTOO Video to DVD Converter $ 35.95 9641-183 30%
ImTOO MP3 Encoder $ 14.95 9641-182 30%
ImTOO PowerPoint to Flash $ 49.95 9641-180 50%
ImTOO Photo DVD Maker $ 49.95 9641-181 50%

Popular Products Recommended

Products Price Product ID Your commission
ImTOO Media Toolkit Ultimate $ 239.75 9641-112 60%
ImTOO PodWorks $ 49.95 9641-165 50%
ImTOO iPad Mate $ 59.95 9641-173 50%
ImTOO DVD Creator $ 35.95 9641-22 30%
ImTOO MOV Converter $ 29.95 9641-15 30%
ImTOO DVD to Audio Converter $ 29.95 9641-3 30%
ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate $ 55.95 9641-81 50%
ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate $ 55.95 9641-117 50%
ImTOO iPhone Ringtone Maker $ 14.95 9641-93 50%

PAD files and download URL

Company Name: ImTOO Software Studio RegNow ID:9641

Product Icon Regnow ID PAD URL Download
ImTOO AVI MPEG Converter icon avi mpeg converter 9641-9 Download
ImTOO 3GP Video Converter 3gp video converter 9641-8 Download
ImTOO MP3 WAV Converter icon mp3 wav converter 9641-7 Download
ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter icon wma mp3 converter 9641-6 Download
ImTOO MPEG Encoder Standard icon mpeg encoder 9641-5 Download
ImTOO Audio Encoder audio encoder6 9641-4 Download
ImTOO DVD to Audio Converter icon dvd audio ripper 9641-3 Download
ImTOO CD Ripper cd ripper6 9641-2 Download
ImTOO iTransfer Platinum itransfer platinum 9641-269 Download
ImTOO YouTube HD Video Downloader youtube hd video downloader 9641-243 Download
ImTOO iPhone Contacts Transfer icon iphone contacts transfer 9641-241 Download
ImTOO iPhone Photo Transfer icon iphone photo transfer 9641-240 Download
ImTOO Photo to Flash photo to flash 9641-239 Download
ImTOO iPad Mate Platinum ipad mate platinum 9641-238 Download
ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum iphone transfer platinum 9641-236 Download
PodWorks Platinum pod works platinum 9641-233 Download
ImTOO YouTube HD Video Converter youtube hd video converter 9641-230 Download
ImTOO HTML to EPUB Converter html to epub converter 9641-227 Download
ImTOO CHM to EPUB Converter chm to epub converter 9641-226 Download
ImTOO Blu-ray to MKV Converter blu ray to mkv converter 9641-225 Download
ImTOO Photo Slideshow Maker photo slideshow maker 9641-223 Download
ImTOO Online Video Downloader online video downloader 9641-214 Download
ImTOO Online Video Converter online video converter 9641-213 Download
ImTOO PDF to Word Converter pdf to word converter 9641-211 Download
ImTOO iPad PDF Transfer ipad pdf transfer 9641-209 Download
ImTOO MP4 to DVD Converter mp4 to dvd converter 9641-203 Download
ImTOO YouTube to iPad Converter youtube to ipad converter 9641-201 Download
ImTOO YouTube to iPhone Converter youtube to iphone converter 9641-200 Download
ImTOO DVD to AVI Converter icon dvd to avi converter 9641-199 Download
ImTOO MP4 to MP3 Converter icon mp4 to mp3 converter 9641-196 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to DVD Personal convert powerpoint to dvd 9641-194 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to DVD Business convert powerpoint to dvd pro 9641-193 Download
ImTOO PDF to EPUB Converter pdf to epub converter 9641-192 Download
ImTOO iPad to PC Transfer ipad to pc transfer 9641-190 Download
ImTOO DVD to DPG Converter dvd to dpg converter6 9641-189 Download
ImTOO Wii Converter wii converter6 9641-188 Download
ImTOO Blu-ray to iPad Converter blu ray to ipad converter 9641-185 Download
ImTOO Audio Converter Pro audio converter pro 9641-184 Download
ImTOO Video to DVD Converter video to dvd converter 9641-183 Download
ImTOO MP3 Encoder mp3 encoder 9641-182 Download
ImTOO Photo DVD Maker photo dvd maker 9641-181 Download
ImTOO PowerPoint to Flash powerpoint to flash 9641-180 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to YouTube convert powerpoint to youtube 9641-179 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to iPod convert powerpoint to ipod 9641-178 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to iPhone convert powerpoint to iphone 9641-177 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to MP4 convert powerpoint to mp4 9641-176 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to WMV convert powerpoint to wmv 9641-175 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to AVI convert powerpoint to avi 9641-174 Download
ImTOO iPad Mate ipad mate 9641-173 Download
ImTOO YouTube to DVD Converter flv to dvd converter6 9641-171 Download
ImTOO PDF to PowerPoint Converter pdf to powerpoint converter 9641-170 Download
ImTOO Ringtone Maker ringtone maker 9641-167 Download
PodWorks pod works 9641-165
ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus iphone transfer plus 9641-163 Download
ImTOO YouTube to MP3 Converter youtube to mp3 converter2 9641-161 Download
ImTOO YouTube to MP3 Converter youtube to mp3 converter2 9641-161 Download
ImTOO YouTube to PSP Converter youtube to psp converter2 9641-160 Download
ImTOO iPad Video Converter ipad video converter 9641-159 Download
ImTOO DVD to iPad Converter icon dvd to ipad converter 9641-158 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to Video Business convert powerpoint to video business 9641-155 Download
ImTOO Convert PowerPoint to Video Personal convert powerpoint to video 9641-154 Download
ImTOO Blu-ray Creator 2 icon blu ray creator express 9641-151 Download
ImTOO AVCHD Converter icon avchd converter 9641-150 Download
ImTOO Blu-ray to DVD Converter icon blu ray to dvd converter.png 9641-149 Download
ImTOO Blu-ray to Video Converter icon blu ray ripper 9641-147 Download
ImTOO AVI to SWF Converter icon avi to swf converter.png 9641-146 Download
ImTOO MTS Converter icon mts converter 9641-145 Download
ImTOO FLV to SWF Converter icon flv to swf converter.png 9641-143 Download
ImTOO FLV to MOV Converter icon flv to mov converter.png 9641-142 Download
ImTOO FLV to MPEG Converter icon flv to mpeg converter.png 9641-141 Download
ImTOO FLV to WMV Converter icon flv to wmv converter.png 9641-140 Download
ImTOO FLV to 3GP Converter icon flv to 3gp converter.png 9641-139 Download
ImTOO MOV to MP4 Converter icon mov to mp4 converter.png 9641-138 Download
ImTOO MOV to FLV Converter icon mov to flv converter.png 9641-137 Download
ImTOO DAT Converter icon dat converter 9641-136 Download
ImTOO ASF Converter icon asf converter 9641-135 Download
ImTOO XviD Converter icon xvid converter.png 9641-134 Download
ImTOO WMV 3GP Converter icon wmv 3gp converter.png 9641-133 Download
ImTOO AVI to MOV Converter icon avi to mov converter.png 9641-132 Download
ImTOO WMV MP4 Converter icon wmv mp4 converter.png 9641-131 Download
ImTOO RMVB Converter icon rmvb converter.png 9641-130 Download
ImTOO Movie Maker icon movie maker6 9641-129 Download
ImTOO DivX Converter icon divx converter 9641-128 Download
ImTOO Video Converter Platinum video converter 9641-127 Download
ImTOO Video Converter Standard video converter 9641-126 Download
ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate icon video converter ultimate 9641-117 Download
ImTOO MKV Converter icon mkv converter 9641-116 Download
ImTOO iPhone Software Suite icon iphone software suite 9641-115 Download
ImTOO DVD to AVI Suite icon dvd to avi suite 9641-108 Download
ImTOO iPhone Transfer icon iphone transfer 9641-105 Download
ImTOO SWF Converter icon swf converter 9641-104 Download
ImTOO DPG Converter icon dpg converter 9641-101 Download
ImTOO Xbox Converter icon xbox converter.png 9641-98 Download
ImTOO Windows Mobile Ringtone Maker icon windows mobile ringtone maker 9641-95 Download
ImTOO iPhone Ringtone Maker icon iphone ringtone maker.jpg 9641-93 Download
ImTOO HD Video Converter hd video converter 9641-92 Download
ImTOO Burner Studio icon burner studio.png 9641-90 Download
ImTOO ISO Studio icon iso studio 9641-87 Download
ImTOO MPEG Encoder Ultimate icon video converter.png 9641-85 Download
ImTOO MPEG Encoder Platinum icon mpeg encoder 9641-84 Download
ImTOO iPod Software Pack icon_ipod_software_pack 9641-77 Download
ImTOO DVD to Subtitle Converter icon dvd subtitle ripper 9641-76 Download
ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer icon ipod computer transfer 9641-75 Download
ImTOO YouTube Video Converter icon youtube video converter 9641-72 Download
ImTOO YouTube Video Converter icon youtube video converter 9641-72 Download
ImTOO DVD to iPhone Suite icon dvd to iphone suite 9641-68 Download
ImTOO DVD to iPhone Converter icon dvd to iphone converter 9641-67 Download
ImTOO iPhone Video Converter icon iphone video converter 9641-66 Download
ImTOO YouTube to iPod Converter youtube to ipod converter2 9641-65 Download
ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter icon dvd to appletv converter 9641-52 Download
ImTOO Apple TV Video Converter icon appletv video converter 9641-51 Download
ImTOO Easy DV to DVD icon easy dv to dvd 9641-50 Download
ImTOO DVD Copy Express icon dvd copy express 9641-49 Download
ImTOO Music CD Burner music cd burner6 9641-48 Download
ImTOO ISO Burner icon iso burner 9641-45 Download
ImTOO FLV Converter icon flv converter 9641-44 Download
ImTOO Zune Video Converter icon zune video converter 9641-43 Download
ImTOO Audio Maker icon audio maker 9641-38 Download
ImTOO DVD to MP4 Suite icon dvd to mp4 suite 9641-37 Download
ImTOO OGG Converter icon ogg converter 9641-36 Download
ImTOO DVD to 3GP Suite icon dvd to 3gp suite 9641-35 Download
ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Converter icon dvd to ppc ripper 9641-34 Download
ImTOO DVD to WMV Converter icon dvd to wmv converter 9641-33 Download
ImTOO DVD Pack Platinum icon ripper pack platinum 9641-32 Download
ImTOO MP4 Video Converter icon mp4 video converter 9641-31 Download
ImTOO DVD to MP4 Converter icon dvd to mp4 converter 9641-30 Download
ImTOO DivX to DVD Converter divx to dvd converter6 9641-29 Download
ImTOO DVD to DivX Converter icon dvd to divx converter 9641-28 Download
ImTOO DVD to 3GP Converter icon dvd to 3gp converter 9641-27 Download
ImTOO MPEG to DVD Converter mpeg to dvd converter6 9641-26 Download
ImTOO AVI to DVD Converter avi to dvd converter6 9641-25 Download
ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter icon dvd to iphone converter 9641-24 Download
ImTOO DVD to PSP Converter icon dvd to psp converter 9641-23 Download
ImTOO DVD Creator dvd creator6 9641-22 Download
ImTOO DVD to iPod Suite icon dvd to ipod suite 9641-20 Download
ImTOO iPod Movie Converter icon ipod movie converter 9641-19 Download
ImTOO DVD Pack Gold icon ripper pack gold 9641-18 Download
ImTOO RM Converter icon rm converter 9641-16 Download
ImTOO MOV Converter icon mov converter 9641-15 Download
ImTOO ISO Maker icon iso maker.png 9641-14 Download
ImTOO PSP Music Suite icon psp music suite 9641-13 Download
ImTOO DVD to PSP Suite icon dvd to psp suite 9641-12 Download
ImTOO PSP Video Converter icon psp video converter 9641-11 Download
ImTOO Video to Audio Converter icon video to audio converter 9641-10 Download
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