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ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: If I want to run ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate on my PC, what system requirements do I need?

Q2: I’m interested in ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate. Where can I download it?

Q3: I have gotten my license code and how to register?

Q4: How do I get started with ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate?

Q5: May I get rid of the unwanted DVD frames in the output files by ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate?

Q6: Is it possible that I get more than 1 chapter converted and only get 1 output file?

Q7: If I want to crop certain part of the frame, what should I do?

Q8: What can I do by using the option ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ in ‘Effect > Crop’ window?

Q9: Do I modify the brightness and contrast of the video image with ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate?

Q10: How to add special artistic effect to video?

Q11: If I want to add text or image watermarks to output video, how should I do?

Q12: How shall I do to add background music into the output video?

Q13: May I add .srt subtitle file into the output video by your program?

Q14: I want to check the editing effect in real time, what shall I do?

Q15: Besides DVD disc, can I load image file (ISO), DVD Folder or IFO file into ImTOO DVD to Video Ultimate? And how can I do that?

Q16: How can I get the chapters of my DVD displayed in the list after loading DVD?

Q17: Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate appeared on the right of the main interface in the previous versions?

Q18: On the top right, beside the words ‘Profile Settings’, there is a button called ‘Show Advanced Profile Settings’. An extended panel will show other settings after you click it. You can set the audio Bit Rate and Sample Rate, as well as other items there.

Q19: How can I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface for my conversion job?

Q20: How can I select the wanted audio track to output?

Q21: Can I save the profile with the modified settings as a new one for future usage?

Q22: Is it possible to get a clip/segment of my DVD converted?

Q23: How to raise/lower the output file's volume after my DVD is converted?

Q24: How to get my output files directly in the output folder I set?

Q25: How to avoid the short breaks during the output audio playback?

Q26: How to convert my DVD into one file?

Q27: Is it possible to customize the name of the output file?

Q28: What does ‘Add Output Profile’ do?

Q29: How can I know the most proper values for video and audio bit rate within the output size I expected?

Q30: Which output format is the best to get the smaller size with better quality if I want to backup my DVD on my PC?

Q31: Windows Media Player only plays audio when I playback the output AVI file and shows I need to download certain codec. Why?

Q32: What can I do to transfer the output files into my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Q33: How can I get MP3 files transferred to PSP?

Q34: Can I make certain settings to improve the image quality of the output 3GP file?

Q35: The output 3GP files are playable in QuickTime but the video and audio get out of sync after playback on my phone. Why?

Q36: What do I need to do to get better audio quality in the output 3GP files?

Q37: How can I get output Zune videos transferred to my Zune?

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