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ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Converter FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: Besides the physical DVD disc, is ImTOO DVD to Pocket PC Converter able to get other things loaded, such as IFO or DVD Folder on my hard drive? And how can I do that?

Q2: After my DVD is loaded into your program, it only shows the titles. How can I get the chapters of my DVD displayed in the list?

Q3: What are other settings? In your former versions, there are lots of setting items on the right. But I can only get a few of them on the right now. Where are the settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate?

Q4: Can I edit the ID Tag information items for the output files?

Q5: How can I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface for my conversion job? Should I just use the values which the program has offered or should I enter a number which I want directly? But after I click "Start Ripping", all the options I modified will return to the default ones. Why?

Q6: After the conversion is done, I found that it is not in the correct audio track I want. What I want is French, but I get English. How to correct it?

Q7: After I make some proper modifications on settings, is it possible to save it as a single profile so that I can use it directly each time?

Q8: I just want a clip/segment of my DVD. Is it possible?

Q9: After my DVD is converted, I get a quite low/high volume. Is it possible to raise/lower it?

Q10: After the conversion is done, I click "Open" to find the output files. But I get a sub-folder named in the Album of my DVD and the output files are in it. Is it possible to avoid it? I just want to find my output files directly in the output folder I set.

Q11: After the conversion to certain audio formats is done, I found that the output audio files always skip. It means there are always some short breaks during playback. How to correct it?

Q12: How to convert my DVD into one file?

Q13: After I get the output files I want, I found they are all named in "Title 01", "Title 02" or "Chapter 01", "Chapter 02", etc. Is it possible to use the title I want for them directly?

Q14: What does "Add Profiles" do?

Q15: I know if I want to get better output quality, I need set higher values for video and audio bit rate respective. And the output size will be larger at the end of the conversion, too. So how can I know the most proper values for video and audio within the output size I expected?

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