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ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: what are system requirements for ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum?

Q2: Where can I download ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum?

Q3: How to register to get the full version of ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum after getting my license code?

Q4: What could I do by using ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum?

Q5: Is it possible to connect several Apple devices simultaneously to share files on my iPhone with my friends?

Q6: What I want to do is transfer DVD movies I have already onto my iPhone so I can watch them on the plane. Could you help me?

Q7: Does your transfer software handle converting and moving AVI and WMV files to the iPhone easily without a lot of tweaking or knowledge of video file settings?

Q8: I just want to watch YouTube videos on my iPhone with my friends during a recent trip. What can ‘Download Online Video’ do for me?

Q9: What does ‘Make iPhone Ringtone’ mean?

Q10: How should I do to export photos and videos shot by my Apple device to my computer?

Q11: I cannot use iTunes to import ringtones made by ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum into my iPhone. Why?

Q12: How do I customize the folder path to save the temporary files in video converting?

Q13: I tried to log on the websites provided in this program, but failed. Why?

Q14: I found that iTunes supports to import files from PC to Apple devices and cannot export files from the device to PC. Does this program resolve this issue?

Q15: When I transfer music to iTunes library, I get a message: Please first check ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding Music to Library’ in iTunes advanced setting. What should I do?

Q16: My iPhone is OK but it seems that it cannot be recognized by your program. What should I do?

Q17: If I use your iPhone Transfer Platinum do I need to keep iTunes installed on my computer?

Q18: In ImTOO iPhone Transfer Platinum, my recognized iPhone files are less than the original. Why and how can I find the others?

Q19: I have 300 files in iPhone. But after loading other 200 files into iPhone by your program, it shows only 485 files. Why and where are the other 15 files?

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