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ImTOO Audio Maker FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: Can I read the basic information of the file I loaded into ImTOO Audio Maker? Where is it? I'd like to get to know something, such as bit rate and sample rate of the file I loaded.

Q2: Where are the other settings? After the program is launched, on the right panel, I can only find some settings, such as bit rate, sample rate and volume. But where are the other items? According to your description, I should have more options such as audio codec. Do I miss something?

Q3: I found that I can not adjust "Bit Rate" setting for some of the output formats, such as WAV, FLAC and APE. If I select those formats, the small slipping block can not be dragged for bit rate setting in the "Simple" mode; in the "Advanced" mode, I can not find such an item in the list at all. Why?

Q4: I have a media file. I hope that it is in a new name after conversion. But it would not be convenient for me to rename the output files each time after conversion. Is your Audio Maker able to help me with this issue?

Q5: What about if I convert a file into same format several times saving in the same output folder without setting different output names respectively? Will your program just overwrite the previous conversion? It will be nice if it can save the output files in different titles automatically.

Q6: What does "Add DirectShow Files" mean? In the early version of Audio Encoder V2.1, I can not find it. What does it do? It seems that it is same with "Add", which just load the files into the program.

Q7: Where can I found the output files after the conversion or converting?

Q8: I have many files to convert. How can I import them simultaneous? It means I want to import many files by one time.

Q9: After I make some proper modifications on settings, is it possible to save it as a single profile so that I can use it directly each time?

Q10: I just want a clip/segment of my video files. Is it possible?

Q11: When I try to convert my video files to WMA format, the program simply and quickly shows "Complete" for the conversion. But the output files are only in a few KB, apparently not playable. Why?

Q12: I do not like the Tag information that my audio files originally have. Can I edit new information for the output file? Or is it possible that I just simply erase those information items in the conversion?

Q13: In the Convert part of the program, I click "CDDB" button and hope that I can get CD information. But your program always show me the message that the information of the Audio CD can not be got. Why?

Q14: Can I change the way to name the output file? After converting, I noticed that my output files are in the way that named as "Index + audio track name". I do not like it. Is it possible to get other things, such as Album and Artist, involved?

Q15: After I finish the burning job, I noticed that the interval time between each audio track is just 1 second. Is it possible to adjust it? I hope I can get longer gap time.

Q16: Does your program support CD-RW? What about if my RW disk is not an empty one?

Q17: Is it possible that my PC is automatically turned down after the job I want is done? I do not like just sitting in front of the PC and watching it.

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