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ImTOO Multiple Desktops

Windows Version

Update: Nov 16, 2021

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As a virtual desktops manager software tool, ImTOO Multiple Desktops allows you to create multiple virtual desktops and switch between them with mouse or hotkeys. Each virtual screen is a single distinct working environment. You can run applications on new desktops and define hotkeys to switch desktops.

  • Instead of having one desktop on which all applications are shown, with ImTOO Multiple Desktops, you can now have multiple virtual desktops, each with appointed applications opened.
  • ImTOO Multiple Desktops allows you to switch between desktops by clicking on the target desktop in Multiple Desktops' window or using hotkeys.
  • Don't have enough space to run all applications on a single desktop? The virtual desktops manager gives you the ability to place your applications on separate desktops and then switch between virtual screens to quickly find the application.

Main Functions

  • Multiple desktopsManage several desktops in one
    Using ImTOO Multiple Desktops, you'll be able to quickly and easily organize applications over several virtual screens in one window.
  • Virtual desktopsAccess desktops with hotkey
    User-definable hotkeys to quickly switch between virtual desktops and start Multiple Desktops' window. Assign one numeric key for switching to the target number desktop.
  • Virtual screens managerPassword protection
    Create your own passwords for one or more desktops you choose to prevent your desktops from unauthorized use.

Key Features

  • It's easy to switch between virtual desktops by clicking the desktop frame and activate Multiple Desktops' window with one click mouse.
  • The multi-desktop manager offers you a virtual space as if you have several logical monitors instead of single one to manage several desktops with ease.
  • ImTOO Multiple Desktops enables you to choose the amount of displayed desktops and arrange them with the layout like 2*2, 2*3, 3*1 and so on.
  • The virtual screens software optimizes your overcrowded desktop with several virtual ones in a window and you have a quick access to all launched applications without the single-desktop clutter.

User Reviews

"I’ve been looking for a way to split my screen into two or more sections so that I can have more than one desktop at the same time and arrange my working files nicely. After trying several programs, I have to say your multi desktops software is the best one I’ve ever used. Thanks." Kendall, USA
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