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ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate FAQ

Windows Version
Q1: What are system requirements for running ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate?

Q2: Where do I download ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate?

Q3: I have gotten my license code and how to register?

Q4: How to get started with ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate?

Q5: How to clip video/audio files by using the ‘Clip’ function?

Q6: How to create and edit merged item?

Q7: I just want to crop the output video screen size to fit my iPad, can ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate help me?

Q8: What dose ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ mean in ‘Effect > Crop’ window?

Q9: Does I modify the brightness and contrast of the video image with ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate?

Q10: How to add special artistic effect to video?

Q11: If I want to add text or image watermarks to output video, how shall I do?
Q12: How shall I do to add background music into the output video?

Q13: May I add .srt subtitle file into the output video by your program?

Q14: I want to check the editing effect in real time, what shall I do?

Q15: How should I do to check the loaded file's information in the program?

Q16: Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate appeared on the right of the main interface in the previous versions?

Q17: Can I edit the ID3 Tag information for the output files?

Q18: How can I modify the settings on the right panel of the interface for my conversion job?

Q19: I am trying to capture certain still frames from my video. What do the settings on the right mean?

Q20: Is it possible to save the profile with the modified settings as a new one for use next time?

Q21: Is it possible to get a clip/segment of my video file converted?

Q22: How to avoid the glitch during the output audio playback?

Q23: What does ‘Add Output Profile’ mean?

Q24: How can I know the most proper values for video and audio bit rate within the output size I expect?

Q25: Which output format is the best to get the smaller size with better quality if I want to backup my video on my PC?

Q26: Windows Media Player only plays audio when I playback the output AVI file and shows I need to download certain codec. Why?

Q27: What shall I do to transfer the output iPod/iPhone/Apple TV files into my iPod or iPhone?

Q28: How can I get MP3 files transferred to PSP?

Q29: Can I make certain settings to improve the image quality of the output 3GP file?

Q30: The output 3GP files are playable well by QuickTime but the video and audio get out of sync after playback on my phone. Why?

Q31: Why does my PPC stop and close the player suddenly when playing the output WMV file?

Q32: What do I need to do to get better audio quality in the output 3GP files?

Q33: Which one is better in the two kinds of MP4 output forms if I want to get better quality?

Q34: Which profile should I choose for my PSP?

Q35: How can I get the output Zune video transferred to my Zune?

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